Pittsburgh artist Bob Freyer paints images that seem to be from an alternate world – a world where people walk around in gas masks to preserve the memories that they once knew, a world where the youth gets to act their age and doesn’t spend all their time in front of technology. The bold images of people in masks shows that there is a darker lining in his mind that takes him back to his childhood as he adds the masks to childhood figures. When he takes the mask off you will immediately see the deep connection to the hip hop culture.

Working primarily in spray paint the work will leave you with an urban feel to it, there’s a welcoming feeling that you get from his work. From reminiscing about Dr. Seuss books, to Snoopy, to Disney, and then to the Beastie Boys, a memory can be triggered from your past. With influences from visual artists like Warhol, Basquiat, Jeremy Fish, David Choe, and Alex Pardee, he has been referred to as an urban artist to a pop artist.

Mr. Freyer who is also known as Durty, has been displaying his work throughout the city for about 4 years now, and since he has had his work in the hands of Jeremy Fish, KRS One, Rakim, Atmosphere, Paradise Gray, Murs, Brother Ali, and other Hip Hop stars. Between everyday life and music his inspiration seems to never end. He challenges himself by adding different mediums to his work, and trying new things. In 2016 he was voted and awarded best visual artist in Pittsburgh. Since, he hasn’t stopped or slowed down. He has released a coloring book, a table top book, shirts, limited prints, and numerous paintings. He isn’t an artist that paints for the people, he paints for himself. He uses art as an escape.

Durty has also done the album cover for b. Dolan’s Fallen House Sunken City remixes titled “Desert Sessions”

Durty has been working with CrushKill Recordings with custom skate decks, prints, and t shirt designs.

For the 5 year celebration of Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen he was asked to do a big painting for the event. The painting is over 6 foot tall and is portrait of Eyedea.



DJ Abilities performing in with the painting at SXSW.

As of recently Durty linked up with Homeboy Sandman by providing art for The Cure/The Curator episode 4 mix. Go give this a listen.tctce4

Got a nice shout out from KRS One. You can watch the video here