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Pittsburgh artist Bob Freyer paints images that seem to be from an alternate world – a world where try to preserve the memories that they once knew, a world where the youth gets to act their age and doesn’t spend all their time in front of technology. The bold images of characters show that there is a darker lining in his mind that takes him back to his childhood as he adds personal feeling to each painting. When he puts the paint brush down you will immediately reflection to his past as child, and feel the memories he is reflecting on. Working in multiple mediums and in a style that is considered “urban” contemporary , there’s a welcoming feeling that you get from his work.

Mr. Freyer who is also known as Durty, has been displaying his work throughout his hometown city, and other cities throughout the US . Between everyday life and music his inspiration seems to never end. He challenges himself by adding different mediums to his work, and trying new things. He isn’t an artist that paints for the people, he paints for himself. He uses art as an escape.

Exhibition History

  • 2014 RAW Artists Awakening
  • 2014 RAW Artists Panorama
  • 2014 RAW Artists Holiday Rawk
  • 2014 Art All Night
  • 2015 Delaney’s Coffee Group Show
  • 2015 Red Fish Bow Group Show
  • 2015 South Side Crawl (Live Painted and Showed at Threads)
  • 2015 Art All Night
  • 2015 Solo Exhibition at New Amsterdam
  • 2015 Art Basel – The Art Album Live at Museo Vault
  • 2016 Black Forge Group Show
  • 2016 Red Fish Bowl Group Show
  • 2016 Group Show in Vegas
  • 2016 Group Show at Gallery 4
  • 2016 Group Show in Colorado
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition at Black Forge
  • South Side Crawl (Live Painted)
  • 2016 Local On The Rocks group show
  • 2017 Red Fish Bowl Group Show (Live Painted
  • 2017 Group Show at Spirit
  • 2017 Group Show at Artist Corner Gallery (California)
  • 2017 Art Basel – Shown with Artist Corner Gallery
  • 2017 Group Skate Deck Show at Black Forge
  • 2017 Solo Exhibition at New Amsterdam
  • 2018 Group Show at The House (Brooklyn)
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition at Point Five Gallery
  • 2018 – September Solo Exhibition at Ketchup City (Awake While Sleeping)
  • 2018 – October Solo Exhibition at Black Forge
  • 2019- Solo Exhibition at Ketchup City (The Empire Paints Back)
  • 2019 – Solo Exhibition at Civilization PGH
  • 2020- TBT Solo Exhibition at Ketchup City


  • 2016 Pittsburgh City Paper Best Visual Artist (First Place)
  • 2018 Pittsburgh City Paper Best Visual Artist (Second Place)


  • 2016 Featured in WHIRL Magazine
  • 2016 Featured in Local Pittsburgh Magazine
  • 2016 Featured in Hip Hop Art Book VOL 1
  • 2017 Featured in WHIRL Magazine


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